Simple Power Statements (SPS)

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Client-Centric Values Based Marketing

Gain Message Clarity through Mentoring

Simple Marketing Statement Fast Tracks A Client’s Understanding Of Why To Do Business with You.

At Psyclink Marketing and Consulting, we’ve linked marketing expertise and psychological insight to revolutionise your approach. Through our collaborative ‘done-with-you’ methodology, we craft Simple Power Statements (SPS) – the foundations of your marketing success.

Navigating the complexities of marketing can be daunting, especially if it’s not your forte or if time is a scarce resource.

For your clients, it’s not solely about pricing; it’s about enhancing their overall experience. It’s about understanding competitors and showcasing what sets you apart, instilling confidence in your clientele.


We place your clients at the forefront by aligning their values and aspirations with your business objectives. By delving deep into essential questions, we empower you to craft solutions that resonate with your audience, fostering a supportive and respectful environment that centers on your unique market positioning.

Together, we cultivate your SPS, laying the foundations for enduring success. These narratives encapsulate your passion and expertise, yet conveying them effectively can pose a challenge. Whether it’s launching a distinctive product or carving a niche in a competitive market, we provide tailored strategies to elevate your brand visibility.

The SPS P.L.A.N. Process not only shapes your Marketing Story but also ensures clarity and consistency across all channels – online, in-person, and within your organization. It’s the bedrock of attracting and retaining clients.

Our approach yields tangible results. Beyond building websites, we sculpt your business vision into a captivating experience. With captivating visuals and strategic storytelling, we elevate your brand identity, helping you cultivate a community of raving fans.

Prompting Questions

We inspire you to think critically about and identify your target markets, their values, and aspirations and to explore and uncover clients’ fears, frustrations and resistance so you can gain an advantage.


Highlighting the strengths of your business and explaining complex products in an easy-to-understand way.


Your business’s vision, values, and processes and creating SPS that builds client confidence and peace of mind.


By identifying your Simple Power Statements, you establish your client-focused marketing foundations for every area of your business – your website; your online platforms; and offline. You are now niched in your market and your messaging.

Did you know client-centric marketing helps clients become your strongest advocates?

Have issues attracting the right staff?

SPS for Employing and Keeping Staff, Helps Your Business


In this tight job employment market finding and keeping people with the skills can be tough. Make your business the obvious choice for employees to work for. 

Give employees reasons to choose to work you; Implement Your Staff SPS

Ready to redefine your approach to recruitment and retention? Simple Power Statements (SPS) offer a compelling starting point.

At Psyclink, we specialize in crafting SPS that articulate the essence of your workplace culture and values. By delving into the heart of your ‘Why,’ we enable both current and potential employees to envision themselves thriving within your organization. This fosters a deep sense of loyalty, trust, and fulfillment – key drivers of productivity and success, surpassing mere financial incentives.

With your SPS for Staff in place, clarity and consistency reign supreme in your workplace. Employees are empowered with a clear understanding of the environment you cultivate and their role in shaping its culture. This invaluable resource becomes your compass for managerial decisions, ensuring staff are treated and supported according to best practices.

We assist you in crafting recruitment marketing campaigns that resonate with top-tier talent. Through a blend of psychological insight and marketing know-how, we uncover the unique vibe of your organization, making it irresistible to prospective emplyees.

Your SPS for Staff not only simplifies the decision for individuals to choose your business but also lays the groundwork for enduring loyalty and happiness among your team members. This, in turn, fortifies your business against future uncertainties, positioning you for sustained success.

Simple Power Statements Portfolio

Creating clarity and integrity across your business, and attract your ideal clients and staff through your PPS?

Client Reviews

"I recently needed to rebrand and redesign my website. I was searching for someone who I could resonate with and who could understand what I needed. I found Andiope and Maria. They were so helpful and incredibly intuitive about what I needed to project myself and how I can help others. We have created a beautiful new website that I get great feedback about. I highly recommend Andiope and Maria. I suggest you contact them and see how they can help you. I am ever so grateful to both of them."

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Kuve Jansky Bradley

Business Owner

"Psyclink Marketing did more than just build my website, they looked at my Business as a whole and created a strategy to help me define why I am different to my competitors. They worked with me to get the look and feel of the website that I am very pleased with."

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