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Psyclink Marketing and Consulting is an Australian Queensland business based in Brisbane and Cairns, Far North Queensland. They specialise in helping businesses gain direction and confidence in their marketing. Psyclink does this by profiling businesses and their positioning in the marketplace and mentoring all their clients through a deep understanding of psychology and marketing. They create clear content that provides a competitive edge and can help explain complex products. Hence, businesses are confident that they can stand out in their own unique way.

Pscylink Marketing and Consulting provide the support and processes to help business owners, their staff and their business as a whole, to “Revelate”.

Revelate (verb)

Pronunciation: /ˈrɛvəˌleɪt/

Powerful action verb that combines “revolutionise” and “elevate”. It represents transforming one’s business and oneself through psychology-based mentoring and marketing.

To “revelate” highlights the strengths and interconnectedness of personal and professional growth. Recognising that marketing is more than selling products or services, “revelating” inspires and empowers individuals and businesses to realise their full potential and advance with clarity and confidence towards their greatness. 


 At the heart of their approach lies a profound understanding of the business owner’s vision and the clients they serve. They mentor all their clients through a deeper understanding of psychology and marketing, ultimately creating loyal client connections, and raving fans.

Marketing by creating a strategic approach of communication and education, a powerful tool to hold their customers’ attention, enhancing the customer experience and building loyal raving fans, and inturn maintaining customer retention rates and build a solid foundation for future growth.

Developing a solid marketing strategy is essential for businesses to establish their Simple Power Statements (SPS),  showcase their authority and unique value proposition in the marketplace. By interlinking a diverse digital marketing ecosystem, between your in house marketing materials, website and your social media platforms, Psyclink minimises client confusion and frustration, simplifying client engagement and making it easier for them to understand your products and services.

Become inspired to raise your standards.

Revelating Businesses

Our Vision

To empower businesses to evolve beyond fear and be inspired, intentional and confident.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire businesses to make meaningful connections through understanding the power of energetic exchange based on values and conscious intention to innovate a compassionate future.