About Us

Over 25 years experience in
Marketing & Psychology

Andiope Adams and Maria Paterakis are
the Founders of Psyclink Marketing & Consulting

Andiope believes that marketing strategies start with listening to what your goals and aspirations are for your business.

Andiope has a love for business and technology. She began in marketing and advertising over 25 years ago when digital marketing and the internet were just starting to become a tool for businesses. 

Andiope specialises in marketing businesses, websites and social media platforms, with a Certificate in Digital Marketing. She has been involved in and continued upskilling across various marketing platforms, keeping up with the ever changing digital world.

Her superpower is establishing a Business’ Core Marketing Strategy by establishing Power Principles Stories PPS as the Foundation for your marketing. Andiope helps to create clarity and uniqueness through your business vision and stories, setting you apart in your industry, and cleverly marketing what the competition is not.  

Together, Andiope and Maria help you to implement dynamic, clear and easy marketing strategies by getting your PPS right and using them to do the talking for your business.

Andiope Adams is a Marketing specialist and co-founder of Psyclink. She has over 25 years experience in helping businesses stand out.


Maria Paterakis is a Resilience & Future Proofing specialist and co-founder of Psyclink. She helps businesses uncover and share their strengths in their marketing.

Maria is a seeker of strengths and opportunities. She helps you see the potential in you and your business, and enhance the psychology behind the marketing.

Maria studied Psychology, completing a Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology. Since then she has enjoyed an eclectic career, having worked in the NT, WA, NSW and QLD and at all levels of Government, including politics, front-line services and policy, as well as in the Non-Government Sector and her own private counselling business and client support services since 2016.

Maria’s extensive work with diverse groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, adds a level of expertise and cultural sensitivity to your marketing needs.

Maria has an eye for dynamic visuals, and her grounding in psychology gives her the ability to uncover clients’ fears and frustration, so that your clients feel cared for, creating effortless credibility and ease in choosing you to do business with.

Maria has a passion for helping people, communities and businesses reach their fullest potential.



"I recently needed to rebrand and redesign my website. I was searching for someone who I could resonate with and who could understand what I needed. I found Andiope and Maria. They were so helpful and incredibly intuitive about what I needed to project myself and how I can help others. We have created a beautiful new website that I get great feedback about. I highly recommend Andiope and Maria. I suggest you contact them and see how they can help you. I am ever so grateful to both of them."

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Kuve Jansky Bradley

Business Owner kuvejanskybradley.com

"Psyclink Marketing did more than just build my website, they looked at my Business as a whole and created a strategy to help me define why I am different to my competitors. They worked with me to get the look and feel of the website that I am very pleased with."

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Business Owner brain-bodymoves.com