Future-Proofing your Business with
Power Principle Stories (PPS)

Marketing Your USP is Old School.

We have combined Psychology and Marketing helping

Australian Businesses

with their Power Principles Stories (PPS)

Do you want to know what creates powerful marketing?

At Psyclink, we have taken the traditional marketing tool of the USP and redesigned it through the unique skills stack of marketing and psychology. Our step-by-step ‘done with you’ marketing strategy helps develop what we call your PPS Power Principle Stories, the foundations for your Marketing.

Marketing can be overwhelming, especially if it is not your thing, or if you just don’t have time to get your head around it. 

We ask you the important question, support you to find your answers, and then create marketing that helps you to stand out. The process is supportive, respectful, and focuses on you and your market.

Together we establish the PPS for your business and build a foundation that you can use well into the future.

The PPS help express what you love about your business and what you do; however, sharing it with your market can be a challenge. If you need help launching or marketing a unique product, we can help you articulate how to present it to your ideal market. Or, if you feel your market is just too competitive, we know how to help you stand out.

The PPS process creates a Marketing Story for your business, providing clarity and consistency in your messaging and marketing, online, in the workplace, and for your staff and clients. It is your foundation for attracting potential clients and keeping them.

This marketing works for our clients. We build you more than a website, helping you create your business vision that you can easily share with clients. Including catchy visuals, it’s a complete experience that embraces your strengths, makes your business unique in your market, and ultimately makes you stand out to your clients. 


Your PPS communicate your business values and services and the reasons your clients benefit when they choose you. 

 The Psyclink team brings together over 25 years of experience in marketing and psychology; we work with you to create the foundations for all your marketing. Your PPS makes choosing you to do business an easy decision. Setting foundations that future-proof your business.

Having issues with attracting and retaining staff?

In a tight employment market,

be the business everyone want to work for

In this tight employment market finding and keeping people with the skills can be tough. Make your business the easy choice for employees. 

Give employees reasons to choose you; Implement Your Staff PPS

Are you wanting to refresh your recruitment and retention strategy? Power Principle Stories are the perfect place to start.

The Psyclink team help you to establish PPS that tell the story of your workplace culture and values. We help you engage with your why, so that your staff and potential employees can see themselves reflected in your business. This builds loyalty, trust and work satisfaction…and ultimately productivity and outcomes for your clients and business.

By establishing your PPS for Staff you create clarity and consistency in your workplace, with employees clear about the type of workplace you provide, and their contribution to the workplace culture. The PPS for Staff is the go to document for management when making staffing decisions, as it guides best practice about how staff are treated and supported in the workplace.

We support you develop recruitment marketing campaigns to attract the staff that you want, by helping you with psychology and marketing to uncover what is remarkable about working for you. 

Your PPS for Staff make choosing working for you over other another business an easy decision. Staff that are loyal and happy sets foundations that future-proof your business.



"I recently needed to rebrand and redesign my website. I was searching for someone who I could resonate with and who could understand what I needed. I found Andiope and Maria. They were so helpful and incredibly intuitive about what I needed to project myself and how I can help others. We have created a beautiful new website that I get great feedback about. I highly recommend Andiope and Maria. I suggest you contact them and see how they can help you. I am ever so grateful to both of them."

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Kuve Jansky Bradley

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"Psyclink Marketing did more than just build my website, they looked at my Business as a whole and created a strategy to help me define why I am different to my competitors. They worked with me to get the look and feel of the website that I am very pleased with."

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